Wednesday, January 9, 2013

June, It is Time to Hand in Your White Trash Card

Who would have thought that a mother from McIntyre, Georgia would show more common sense and better parenting skills than a more educated and affluent mother from Long Island? June Shannon, Honey Boo-boo's mother, announced on Jimmy Kimmel that the $20,000 her brood earns per episode goes directly into a trust fund, divided equally between her four daughters and baby Kaitlyn. June claims that the money doesn't even touch her hands. TLC deposits it directly into her girls' trusts funds for her. Her family simply lives off what her boyfriend, Sugarbear, brings in. June Cow/Milk I haven't always been kind to June, but color me impressed. June is demonstrating more sense and selflessness than the majority of parents do -- let alone reality television parents. While I still think she is probably a fame whore, I admire the fact she recognizes that she and her family have had more than their fifteen minutes of shame fame. I marvel at the belief that she knows it won't last forever so she must not waste the opportunity to provide for her girls' futures. Savvy isn't a word I would have thought would have applied to June Shannon. Hats off to you June.   Photo via Wikipedia. Originally published on

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